S’more truffles

Posted by Mama on March - 10 - 2011

I would have had this up a lot sooner but in trying to keep the recipe safe, I hid it to well. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a pile person. Everything goes in a pile. The last time I had remembered seeing the recipe, it was on a pile of [...]

Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

Posted by Mama on March - 7 - 2011

Yup, that’s what I said. Two of my favorite things in one. A great way to spend an evening alone. ~Mama

The Dragon and the Turtle

Posted by Mama on March - 7 - 2011

“… a brown house. It sounds like singing. It smells like cookies. It feels sandy, and it taste like salty strawberries.” ~ The Dragon and the Turtle Padraig is a dragon. One day while looking for some “crunchy, squishy, nutty” bugs he finds something else, a turtle. A turtle named Roger who has lost his [...]

Coming Soon…

Posted by Mama on February - 19 - 2011

I know I am far behind. I’m still trying to get used to this working mom thing. Granted, it’s only two days a week but it’s still a changed after 4 years of being a SAHM. Here’s a little of what’s coming. A book review on The Turtle and the Dragon Smore’s Truffles A couple [...]

Amish Bread Part 3

Posted by Mama on February - 1 - 2011

Here it is, the post I know ya’ll have been waiting for, the bread post. As I said before, I have been having so much fun experimenting with this bread. The first two loaves I made without pudding and was happy with it. I used half whole wheat flour and half white flour. I also [...]

Amish Bread Part 2

Posted by Mama on February - 1 - 2011

I thought I had posted this before but it turns out I didn’t! I have made several batches of bread already but I am getting ahead of myself. This post is about what happens after the starter is “started.” On the first day you do nothing. Easy enough. Days 2-4 you stir. Easy as pie. [...]

Catching up

Posted by Mama on February - 1 - 2011

Today is a snow day, a great day to catch up. It has been a CRAZY month. J turned 30 and six days later we celebrated our 7 year anniversary. I spent a week subbing for one of Boo’s teachers and then next week I started working at the pre-school as the new assistant of [...]

Flight of Shadows by Sigmond Brouwer

Posted by Mama on January - 9 - 2011

This is one of my first reviews so bear with me. Flight of Shadows is set in America in a possible near future. It’s about a young woman named Caitlyn who has a secret.  Throughout the book she encounters a myriad of other characters, some allies, some enemies. This is a fast paced book that [...]

Homemade Cocoa

Posted by Mama on January - 1 - 2011

I tried a couple of different homemade cocoas this season before making my own. Here’s what you’ll need: 2 cups powdered milk 3/4 cups Special Dark cocoa powder 1/4 cup regular cocoa powder 1 1/2 cup sugar (I use half powdered/ half granulated Splenda) 3/4 – 1 cup creamer (to taste) 1 cup chocolate chips [...]

Coming updates

Posted by Mama on December - 17 - 2010

I do have some updates coming up but it has been super crazy around here. I hope to get them up today, if not it will be later tonight. Thanks for stopping by!