I read a daily blog called Cake Wrecks. I love it. It makes any day a little brighter. It’s also hugely popular. So popular in fact that they have a book. I wasn’t planning on getting the book until I got it as a gift or they finally came this way on a book tour. Needless to say it showed up at my house yesterday. I was ordering some stuff from amazon and needed a few more bucks for free shipping and you can get it for under $6.

This morning I brought the book out to the table while the girls were eating breakfast. L was super excited. Her favorite cake is in it, the Mohawk-baby carrot jockeys. Ever time she sees them she starts singing “carrots and babies” over and over again. Then she proceeded to ask if we could make a carrot and baby cake. What truly goes through the head of a three year old?

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