Last night I finally watched Julie & Julia. It inspired me. I thought to myself why am I writing about cooking. Yes, I love cooking but that’s not really me. I can write pretty damn good. In college, one of my teachers compared me to Dave Berry. I should have known right then and there to do more with my writing but I didn’t. Instead I dropped Communications all together and fully devoted myself to Theater. Well, that didn’t work out so great either.

When I went to college I was planning on majoring in music with a minor in theater. After my first year I dropped music. It wasn’t fun anymore, they killed my love of music. I stayed in choir though and came to love it again as time went on. I decided that I would major in theater with a minor in communications. I found that I didn’t have a love for communications so I decided to focus all my energy on theater, my true passion. Then things went very awry.

The summer before my Junior year I got mono. At first we thought it was strep throat. Only after it came back for the third time did the doctor test for mono. By then my immune system was so out of whack that it changed my life forever.

I missed the first week of school. After being there a couple weeks I just couldn’t keep up. I was to tired to go to class and to do my homework. So I decided to take the semester off. If I was smart I would have went home and gotten rest. Instead I decided to stay, move in with a friend and get a job. It was while at said job one day that I say an ex of mine. We exchanged numbers. Within a week we were back together. When I wasn’t at work, I was with him. I found that my priorities changed a lot during those few months. I went from figuring what film school I was going to go to after college to what my life with J was going to be.

I went back to school for spring semester but still had trouble keeping up. It took me a while to get back into the groove of things. Once I did I hit a road block.

We had auditions for the spring play and while I didn’t really expect a part (this particular teacher NEVER cast me in anything) I knew I had done great. The day the cast went up I didn’t have a part, as expected. What wasn’t expected was that the teacher came and told me that I had done really well. When he left I turned around and asked the others in the room, “So why didn’t I get the part instead of the same person who always does?” We had just been discussing how the same people always got cast. That’s when I decided that this wasn’t for me anymore.

Not long after J asked me to marry him. My life took off in a new direction. I was burn out when it came to school and I decided to not go back for my last year. Instead I got married. Six and a half years later I still miss the theater and sometimes regret not finishing school but I would not change my  life for the world.

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