Wow! It’s been almost a year since I last posted. Craziness!

I’m writing because while I love Pinterest there are some things about it that drive me crazy. I have stopped automatically re-pinning . If there is something that catches my eye, I like it. When I remember, I go into my likes and go through them.

Here is how I do it:

  1. I click to see where the link goes
  2. If it’s a “suspicious” link I forget it and unlike the pin
  3. If it takes me to what I’m looking for, I re-pin it. If not I…
  4. I try to find the original blog or site that it came from and pin from there, if I can’t I don’t re-pin
  5. Unlike the pin. I currently have almost 2000 likes and most of them are ones I need to go through.

I do “like” some items that I don’t re-pin. I also do re-pin a few things, such as images that I don’t check the link. I know I should so the right person get the credit but some people I know always pin from the source or check the pin to make sure it is correct. When you follow someone you know who does that it makes re-pinning a lot easier.

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