I’m still around. Life has been crazy with school and trying to completely redo the house. I’ve also become addicted to Pinterest. I’ve found so many great ideas there and tons of recipes! Here is the first of many projects that have been inspired by Pinterest.

Over the door bathroom shelf:

Original Pin

First, I gathered together all my supplies. The shelf was just the side of our old headboard. I purchased three shelf hangers/supports. I probably could have gotten away with two but I would rather be on the safe side. Since there where holes in the board from where it connected to the other pieces of the headboard I decided to cover it with duck tape. I went with leopard print since the girls like it and their bathroom is jungle themed.

Next, I used another board as a flat surface to make the markings the supports.

Before drilling the holes I put painters tape (you could also use masking tape) over the marks to keep the white from ripping.

Then I covered it all with the duck tape. Don’t worry you can feel the holes through the tape!

Then I just used some small screws that I had around to put on the supports on. Notice that I put some covers on, I thought it would look nicer.

I forgot to take pictures of the next part. I marked on the wall where I would need to put anchors in the wall for all three supports. The middle one is a little different so I will try to take to pictures to show you when I do the one in the master bath. DON’T FORGET THE ANCHORS!!! Unless of course you are lucky enough to hit a stud. I never seem to but I will take a small drill bit and test the spot before I put in the anchor.

And there it is! This took me about 2 hours and holds a lot. (I know, I need a picture of towels on it!) I love that the towels are now in the room that they are used in and that the little closet that they were in can be used for something else.

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