This week I helped out out Soccer/Cheer Camp at church. Over 100 K-5th graders. It was fun. It was also hot and humid. Friday, the last day was really bad. After an hour and a half of running around the kids came in for the last little bit of lesson and song time and most of them just laid in their chairs. When it was time to stand up and sing though they were all over it. Jumping up and down, yelling and acting like they had just gotten there for the evening. I couldn’t believe their energy.

Yesterday was one of the hottest days we have had so far then the high humidity on top of that was stifling. We got the pool out so that we could play. It was so nice just relaxing and cooling off. We were out for part of the afternoon and then after supper. By the time we put the girls to bed I was exhausted and the girls were running around like they could go all night. They hadn’t had a nap and been going non-stop all day. Crazy!

In short, I wish I could find a way to bottle all the extra energy that children seem to have. I would make millions.


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