Since I have TONS that I keep planning on writing about but have been to busy to get to I came up with an idea that I hope will get me blogging at least once a week. I hope to write about something simple on Saturday or Sunday evening that I learned, did, happened, etc. during the week. Each post title will start with the word simply. I hope it will be fun. I hope I keep up with it. So without further ado…Simply Decay.

Yes, you read that right, decay. Early this week Boo had bad breath. That night I told her I wanted to brush her teeth just to make sure they got really clean since she had a little bit of stinky breath. She wanted to know why. I told her that we have bacteria in our mouths that can cause bad breath. She asked what bacteria is. I said that she knew about bacteria from Sid the Science Kid, it can cause decay.  Every night for the rest of the week she refused to brush her teeth for fear of not getting all the bacteria and her teeth decaying.

So, simply put, do not tell your very smart, hypochondriac four year old that your teeth can decay or she will never brush her teeth again.


P.S. She actually did tonight but I had to convince her that she always does an excellent job and that I or J would brush them at least once a week.

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