I have a lot going trough my mind tonight so I’m going to let it out…

1.It’s been a long week. First my parents were here from Sunday night to Friday morning. Mom had her Spring Break a week before we did. We spent the week shopping, eating, bowling and having a good time. Then on Friday afternoon, my in-laws came to town. Pa was promised golf clubs for his birthday and wanted to come pick some out. He and J went golfing on Saturday to try them out. All in all a long but wonderful week.

2. Have you been over to see Miss Jessica at How Sweet It Is? If not you should head over there right now. Okay, not right away but after you finish reading. She has a wonderful sense of humor and has some amazing recipes like this one that I made when my parents were here. SO GOOD. She has often inspired me to not be so afraid of experimenting in the kitchen.

3. I’m not a person who really does anything for lent. I always plan on it and then I forget. Partly, I’m not catholic and no longer have any close catholic friends nearby to keep me in check. I had planned to spend less time on my computer this year. So far, hasn’t happened so I decided to compromise and not set up anything web related on my new phone. Talk about geek glee.

4. Not only did I get a new phone, I got a new watch. The first one since, I don’t know, forever. I love it! It’s a make your own from Fossil. I love leather bands but am sooo hard on them so it works perfect for me. The face that I picked reminds me of steampunk. I love steampunk. I wish I was brave enough to try and design an outfit.

5. During Spring Break I plan to:

  • Sleep in
  • Post pictures on the girls blog
  • Post pictures here
  • Take the cat to the vet. (Yeah, fun)
  • Try to get a hair cut
  • Get Boo a hair cut
  • Think about getting Little Miss a hair cut
  • Cry at the thought of the hair cut causing her to lose her curls
  • Cry at the thought my baby is getting so big
  • Do work for school (It has to get done for the following week)
  • Sleep in some more

I think that is all for tonight.


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