I thought I had posted this before but it turns out I didn’t!

I have made several batches of bread already but I am getting ahead of myself. This post is about what happens after the starter is “started.”

On the first day you do nothing. Easy enough. Days 2-4 you stir. Easy as pie. Day 5, add one cup each flour, sugar and milk. Mix well. It will be lumpy, that’s okay, the lumps will break down.

Days 6-9, more stirring. Remember, use only wooden or plastic utensils for stirring, metal can break down the yeast.

Day 10 is the fun day. Once again you add 1 cup each of flour, sugar and milk and mix well. Once again it will be lumpy but it’s okay. Take out 3 separate cups of starter. Put two into containers or baggies to give to your friends and save one to start over.

Some people make day 10 the new day one of their starter, I make it the following day, gives it some resting time.

With what is left in the bowl, you make bread! Yummy, sweet bread. Once again, that is for another post.

After working with this for over a month now I actually have extra starter. I’ve put it in the fridge to save for later. I can either stop for awhile and then start again or use it to make bread. We finish off so fast that I will probably do the latter. Little Miss is in LOVE with this bread, Boo won’t touch it. They really do like such different things.

I will post the actual bread post later. For now I have to fix lunch for the two cutest girls ever.


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