This is one of my first reviews so bear with me.

Flight of Shadows is set in America in a possible near future. It’s about a young woman named Caitlyn who has a secret.  Throughout the book she encounters a myriad of other characters, some allies, some enemies.

This is a fast paced book that jumps from scene to scene very quickly. I found that when I first started that I was lost. That was mostly my fault. I started  this book right before Christmas and did not give it the attention that it needs and deserves. Once I had the time to sit down and get into the book I was hooked. These characters are well developed and the world in which they live is a glimpse of what our world could easily become. The more I read, the more I wanted to read. When I reached the end I wanted more but was also satisfied by the outcome.

This is a book I think that anyone could enjoy. It’s set in the future but not does not have the sci-fi feeling that many futuristic books have. Brouwer does an excellent job of creating this world, slowly introducing you to a new reality in a way that is not overwhelming. He also makes his characters shine, whether they are good or evil, they each have their moment.

While this is a squeal to the novel Broken Angel, I was able to follow along without ever having read it. I think that reading the prequel would have helped me to understand some  of what was going one with Caitlyn in the beginning but it is not necessary as we learn so much as we go through Flight of Shadows.

All in all, a great novel.

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