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This has been one of the longest weeks of the summer. Not only has it been really hot and humid the girls and I have been having major allergy problems. We haven’t had any problems in months and then BAM! One morning Boo woke up and told me she had a sore throat and I just thought she was being dramatic, which she tends to do. The next day, I too, had a sore throat along with the itchy nose. We suffered alone for a couple of days before Little Miss joined us. Hubby has yet to have any issues, he doesn’t usually until Fall.

Boo is doing much better, I am still a little itchy and Little Miss looks like hers might turn into something more. I feel so bad that my girls got my allergies.


That’s what is happening right now as I sit here thinking of something to write. Little Miss is standing next to me giggling hysterically. This is a common occurrence in our house. She loves to laugh. It’s one of those laughs that makes you laugh too. She just made my night.


For those of you who know Little Miss, you know she is a Buzz Lightyear fan. And when I say fan, I mean fanatic. Sad to say though it’s hard to find anything with Buzz on it for little girl. So one day when we were at JoAnn’s (LOVE that place!) I saw that character fabric was 50% off so I let her pick out a Buzz that she liked. A few weeks ago I FINALLY made it into something for her. She absolutely loves it.

Look! I added an underskirt.

To see pictures of Little Miss in action. Please visit The World of L & K.

This week I helped out out Soccer/Cheer Camp at church. Over 100 K-5th graders. It was fun. It was also hot and humid. Friday, the last day was really bad. After an hour and a half of running around the kids came in for the last little bit of lesson and song time and most of them just laid in their chairs. When it was time to stand up and sing though they were all over it. Jumping up and down, yelling and acting like they had just gotten there for the evening. I couldn’t believe their energy.

Yesterday was one of the hottest days we have had so far then the high humidity on top of that was stifling. We got the pool out so that we could play. It was so nice just relaxing and cooling off. We were out for part of the afternoon and then after supper. By the time we put the girls to bed I was exhausted and the girls were running around like they could go all night. They hadn’t had a nap and been going non-stop all day. Crazy!

In short, I wish I could find a way to bottle all the extra energy that children seem to have. I would make millions.


J said this needed a caption: "Chicken Curry Tenders from TJ's"

Since I have TONS that I keep planning on writing about but have been to busy to get to I came up with an idea that I hope will get me blogging at least once a week. I hope to write about something simple on Saturday or Sunday evening that I learned, did, happened, etc. during the week. Each post title will start with the word simply. I hope it will be fun. I hope I keep up with it. So without further ado…Simply Decay.

Yes, you read that right, decay. Early this week Boo had bad breath. That night I told her I wanted to brush her teeth just to make sure they got really clean since she had a little bit of stinky breath. She wanted to know why. I told her that we have bacteria in our mouths that can cause bad breath. She asked what bacteria is. I said that she knew about bacteria from Sid the Science Kid, it can cause decay.  Every night for the rest of the week she refused to brush her teeth for fear of not getting all the bacteria and her teeth decaying.

So, simply put, do not tell your very smart, hypochondriac four year old that your teeth can decay or she will never brush her teeth again.


P.S. She actually did tonight but I had to convince her that she always does an excellent job and that I or J would brush them at least once a week.